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17 September
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[Regina Crane]

"Let's find the evil, and fight it together" - Rupert Giles

[Personal History]

Age: 30 | Race: Human | Job: Watcher, Head of Phoenix Foundation

Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

Regina has a twin sister named Victoria. Victoria and Regina don't speak to each other not since the night four years ago that changed Regina's life. After a encounter with Victoria and some vampires, in which she sold Regina and her friends out in hopes of becoming a vampire. Regina escaped and was rescued by on of the younger Slayers who saved her. She met Rupert Giles and he sent her to the Scoobie house in Cleveland. She underwent Watcher training. While there she picthed in and held the Scoobies and Slayers where ever she could. She felt endebted to them for saving her. Giles seeing the potential for Regina to become a Watcher suggested that she join the New Watcher's Council.

Regina is the unlucky gradutae of the New Watcher's Council to get assigned to babysit the fledgling foundation. After a accidnet with Willow Rosenburg's laptop, when Andrew sent the Foudnation's website active by dropping his Han Solo action figure on the Enter button. Rupert Giles sent Regina Crane out to the Los Angeles Office building to make sure that nothing was to happen until the Foundation was fully staffed.

Regina after sending out the Welcome letters was bored out of her mind opened up the Foundation's first case [the Haunting of Jane Alice]. It was not long atfer that that the infamous Winchester brothers [Dean & Sam] showed up at the office. It was the same night that Bobby Singer and Dawn Summers also arrived. It was the next morning that nitorus Slayer Faith Lehane arrived to join Singer, Summers and the Winchesters for the inagural meeting.

Anything else we should really know about your character: She's a Virgo.
She tends to all business at work, but she can party.
She likes to dance, she finds that she is drawn to traditional ethnic dancing. She blames all the anthropology classes she had to take. she is drawn to Belly dancing, Bollywood, Thai ballet, and sword dancing in which she combines her love of swords and dancing.

[Tools of the Trade]

Regina has two katantas, one at her home and one in her office.The Katana in her office is a replica Ryumon carbon steel with a hand carved red lauqered Phoenix design. She did break it out upon some uproar in the Waiting area of the offices when Sam and Dean arrived. Her Katana at home is a Damascus Musashi Red Saya with a double Ring tsuba. In her purse she usually has her Red tanto [small samurai-like knife] along with the trusty wooden stake and holy water.

Reggie keeps things moving in the office and out by using her Palm pre. Reggie's Car of choice is a blue MiniCooper S. She keeps very little in the car itself. You might find a box of tissues, some change and a small trash bin.

[Special Skills]

Regina is a 5th degree(godan) in Kendo. She is not often out of reach of a katana. She began her kendo training in private school in the United Kindgdom.

Reggie is fuent in Japanese, Mandrn, Cantonese, Latin, and Sandskrit. Regina also has a basic grasp of heratic[herioglyphs]. She was going to school for her doctrate in Acheology.

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