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Sticky Post: New Members Meetings
Regina: Smile
Regina Crane was reviewing the latest case to grace the inbox on her desk. She was in her office when the speaker on her phone beeped. When it wasn't Jim's voice coming over the line that meant that they had a new potential member coming up. She was always nervous and excited about the idea of adding to the Foundation's growing roster.

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Giles pressed the call button and his voice came over the line.

"Hello? My name is Rupert Giles, I believe I'm expected." he said.

He was looking forward to getting settled in and brought up to date on what was going on at the moment. He knew that in this business of battling evil, there was rarely a time when something was not happening. It was best to get down to business as quickly as possible.

Regina heard the voice and practically leapt out of the chair and made a bee line of Giles.

"Giles?" she smirked. "Glad that you could make it."

"Hello." he replied.

"Thank you,It's good to be here. " He offered her a friendly smile. "Is everything going all right for the moment?"

"I'm rather anxious for you to show me around, and to get started with the work.

"Its good to have you here." Regina's smile faded slowly. "I'd like to say it is." she glanced around. "would you like the tour or the bad news first?" she winced opening one eye to look at Giles.

"Naturally, there would have to be something bad immediately." he said with a sigh. "Evil does not wait for anyone. Go ahead, I'd rather get it out of the way" he said.

"Well," she sighed. "Buffy and Dawn went out to work on a suspected leprechaun case." she cleared her throat. "It turns out that there was a trickster involved. Apparently Sam and Dean Winchester had previous dealings with the trickster. Turns out that the Trickster is the Archangel Gabriel and he's taken Buffy, Dawn, Sam and Dean." She let out a breath.

That brought Giles into work mode almost right away. He now intended to get down to work as quickly as possible and not stop until Buffy and Dawn and the other two were found. He was of course most concerned for his slayer and her sister, but would try to get them all out alive.

"What do we know so far? Tell me all that you can." he replied. She had already told him the basics, but he wanted to be sure that nothing was missed.

"I can tell you that we have tried finding them with their cell phone signals." she paused. "And Willow tried to locate them magically. Both methods weren't successful." she paused. "From what Bobby Singer spoke about, Gabirel, has in the past returned Sam and Dean. We don't have any other reason to doubt that he wouldn't do the same again." she spoke.

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Crowley stood outside of the office building whose address matched the one on his invitation. He couldn't feel the presence of any other demons and it was blessedly clear of angels as well though he couldn't be 100% sure that they weren't simply hiding from him. Crowley sighed. He did so hate to ring a doorbell like some average human. It felt beneath him. Still, just popping into the main office might not be in his best interests since he couldn't be sure that this still wasn't a trap of some sort. He poked disinterestedly at the call button. "Hello. Some poor unfortunate at this location made the understandable error of sending me an invitation to your little party."

Whomever this was was British, as evident by the accent. She just wondered who it was. They hadn't said who they were. Just that an error occurred.

"Probably wasn't a error." Reggie's British accent came across the intercom. "Hang on I'll be out to meet you in a moment." she rose and headed out the waiting area.

She hadn't thought to ask a name, this had happened so frequently still that she just headed out. She stopped short in the waiting room. The older man standing in the office lobby was not human. She knew this man was a demon. She would have to be very careful in how she proceeded with him.

Crowley was busy examining the horrid fabric covering one of the chairs in the lobby when he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. He didn't even need to look up when the woman entered the room as he could feel her soul from where he was standing. He stood stiffly at the side of the chair and ran his fingers over the back of it. There was a brief pause and then he reached into his coat and withdrew the envelope that had been sent to him, his name swirled across its front with careful penmanship. "I suppose you sent this?" he drawled, swiveling his head to look in the woman's direction. She was beautiful, as far as human women go, but the female form had never done much for Crowley's tastes. He could well imagine she was used to being treated kindly by the simpering human men she no doubt worked with. "Perhaps you can explain how you found me to deliver it."

"I did send it." she smoothed her dark pinstipe pants down. "I'm sure our delivery method worked as you received it. We do have one of the most powerful witches working with us." she took a look at the name on the black envelope Crowley. She nearly wanted to ask if he was any relation to thee Alistar Crowley but opted to not. He didn't seem happy about getting the invite.

"We have a need for an individual of your," she paused searching for the right word. "skills. We are considering anyone who might be interested in helping us out from time to time. Or providing information for a fee." she kept her hands folded and her eyes on the man before her. "The invitation is for a meeting, a tour of the facilites and to answer any questions that you might have about what we do."

Crowley's outward appearance didn't falter in the least but internally his interest piqued at the mention of a witch amongst their little group. Interesting indeed. The Winchesters had told him that they too had gotten an invitation to the group and it struck the demon as odd that they would willingly join ranks with anyone who employed the very monsters they so often killed. "Well," he said flatly, "I suppose I have nothing better to do for the moment what with my canceling my dinner date to be here. Let's do make this short though. I have a deal to make at 7." He offered the woman a cold smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

She smirked a bit. "I should have you out by 7." she backed up opening the door to the main office. "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, Regina Crane. And you are?" she let a brow arch as she held the door open.

"Crowley," came the terse reply as the demon sauntered up to the door being held for him, "and with all do respect, my dear, ladies first." He gestured toward the opening and reached out to take the door from Regina's grasp. It wasn't a matter of manners really, though for Crowley such things were immeasurably important as bargaining for souls was no excuse for being rude. In this instance, however, it was a simple matter of self preservation. He never proceeded anyone into an unknown situation as that was a fantastic way to get killed.

"Nice to meet you and thank you for at least hearing me out." she nodded her thanks and stepped into the massive office room filled with cubiles and paused. "We're trying to do good, save the world. I know that may not interest an individual like yourself." she paused. "But we would be open to talking with you about procurement of certain objects, information on individuals and any information you could provide on certain situations. All of which would be fore a monetary fee." she gestured to the room. "This is where most of the office work gets done. My office is behind you, first door there."

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