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The Missing Siblings
Regina: Worried
Well after a rather uninformative call from Faith. Not lack of details on her part, lack of details at all. So I have a Slayer and her baby sister missing, A righteous man and his little brother missing. What is a case manager to do? I know Bobby and Castiel are trying to triangulate a signal from their cell phones. Good luck with that!

Faith also informs me we have a Trickster on our hands. She wasn't naming names but she did say that Sam and Dean had run into the guy before.

I still have cases going on. And Faith did ask for something to do until "B, Dawnie, Jackass[Dean] and Sam show up". I hate to send her off, but she did ask for something to do. Faith will probably be the best suited for this one. not implying that anyone is "less of [insert your choice here]" I'll post it on the server with open access to all of our members. Its a Devil of a case and I do mean that literally.


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