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Case 3 is a wrap.
Reggie; Default
Got an email from Dean that they are all safe and found Casteil. Glad to know that the only casualty was the driver's side door on the rental. *sigh* Now I've got to drop an email to Dawn and let her know that they are all on their way to Golden.

Lorne has news that his club is about ready to open. He's calling it "Otium" (latin: peace). He said "Pax" was too obvious and it sounded like a restaurant or some sort of food. He said something about it also being a tele channel at some point. He showed me some conceptual renderings and its very blue. But he's going to have a DJ as well as Karaoke. He's holding off opening night for a big party for us. Got to love the green guy.

Still looking for a great place to eat around here that's kind of basic. Not found anything yet. We were looking for a cook for the lounge/bar area on the 7th floor. I'd post the position, but I'm not sure who'd be able to handle the odd that is us.


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