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That fateful night. . . (part 2)
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((OOC: As promised, it continues.))

Continued here

Regina's educated mind had dozes of questions for this man, Rupert Giles to answer. She studied him. He was a little taller than she was. Pale blue eyes behind the glasses. Regina could see the wrinkles and lines of his face in the early morning. He was still a handsome man, pleasing jaw line nice mouth, dark hair which he raked a hand through that moment.

"What?" he asked catching her studying him of out the corner of his eye.

"Nothing, sir." she spoke look straight a head as they walked. "My mind is racing," she muttered looking down at her shoes. "Its just that if those things are vampires, like you and Rose said." her blue eyes met his. "And they," she paused for a moment trying to fight the sadness that welled up like an ocean and threatened to smash her to pieces. "killed my mates," she exhaled trying not to blubber like she wanted to. "Then does that mean that they too will become vampires?"

Rupert stopped and looked at her. "Yes." he spoke. "I'm afraid that they will. It may take a few days for that to happen, but they won't be themselves when they rise."

"So I'll go to their funerals and know that they will rise from the dead." she spoke. "Rose will be the one to," she paused. "slay them?" she looked at him for acknowledgment.

"Yes." he nodded. " Regina," he shifted. "I know its not easy, but you must not speak to anyone about this. Ever."

"Who would believe me?" she let a bark of bitter laughter escape her lips. "Look, I've just met you and Rose, and seeing that," she gestured with her open hand to behind them. "I still think you two are looney." she spoke. "They'd lock me up, throw away the key and medicate me. It'd kill my mum and dad. Especially after they spent a fortune on sending me to Oxford." she clamped a hand over her mouth as a few tears spilled over.

She was shocked as he pulled her to him and she cried. Here he was a complete stranger, that she'd only met minuets ago and she was blubbering like a child all over him. He didn't do anything but hold her and God only knew why.

"Giles, I-" Rose spoke and stopped short. "Oh bloody hell." she spoke the rattle of keys in her hand as she stood there.

"Its all right Rose." he spoke. "Nothing I'm not used to at this point." he spoke with some fatherly tone in his voice.

"I'll bet." Rose whispered. "I called the local station." she spoke.

"Regina," Giles pulled back from her. He held her face between his hands. "You're going to have to tell the police that a animal did this." he spoke making sure he had her attention.

"Don't want to end up in the mad house." she sniffed. "What about you two?"

"We'll be your witnesses." Rose spoke putting an arm around Regina's shoulders. "I know they were your schoolmates?"

Regina nodded and started crying again. She balled her eyes out on the petite red head. She heard Giles pull out his cellular and phone for an ambulance and told them to send at least four. He paced as he assured the operator that there had been an animal attack and that this wasn't the time to doubt a good samaritan.

The tell-tale sound of zooming police cars sounded. There was a bustle of activity as the officers began to radio the station for a transport to hospital, when Giles informed them that he already called. One of the officers shook his head as he pulled his hand off Lissette's neck.

"They're gone mate." he spoke to Giles. "Station this is Salton, cancel the transport, tell the coroner that we've got four and to bring the van." he looked at Giles and Rose. "You two say you saw this happening?"

Regina managed to stop crying until she leaned up against her father's car. Her eyes fell on her schoolmates frozen expressions and she began to sob all over again. She slid down the side of the car and put her arms across her knees and put her head down and sobbed. She'd remained undisturbed in her crying until and older blonde female officer approached her.

"Christ you prigs!" she made her way over. "Jackie, sweetheart," she pushed Regina's dark hair back. "Oh lovely, what a thing you did yeah?" she smiled. "Fought off the beast ya did." she gestured for something and a younger officer handed her a blanket. "I know it sounds rough, but its not the end of the world." she took a seat next to her.

Officer Jackie had asked her questions and Regina just nodded or shook her head. Somewhere in all the chaos Giles and Rose had vanished. Jackie took her mobile and called her father, Robert Crane. She told the man that he would need to come with the officer that would arrive. She told him that his daughter was in no shape to drive.

Regina just sat in the passenger's seat on the left until her father climbed out of the small police car. Numbness had set in with her. She could hear Officer Jackie and her father having a hushed conversation. She couldn't help but twist her fingers about each other, her purse sitting on the floor board at her feet. The officers had taken her schoolmates bags and Jemmia's keys to her VW Polo Mark V sitting right in front of her.

She didn't know how long had passed until her father climbed into the Mini's driver seat. He sighed and looked at her with pity in his eyes. He pulled her to him in a sideways hug.

"Oh Reg," he leaned her head against his shoulder. "I'm sorry sweetheart." he dropped a kiss on her forehead. "Let's get you home. Get you a nice cup of tea, your mum's got breakfast going." he jammed the key into the ignition. "Always taking after you mum with that bravery." he ruffled her dark hair.

Regina got home and was so glad for the sight of the little house. She followed her father up the walk, he opened the door and held it open for her. Her mum rushed out, Annabelle Crane pulled her into a tight hug. She just clung to her mother a moment before she ushered her into the kitchen.

"Reg," her mother put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of her with a buttered scone. "I'm glad to know that you're all right." she took a seat next to her. "If you need anything, chicken you let us know, don't worry about the time or what its about."

Her father set a cup of tea in front of her. She pulled it closer. She'd cried until she couldn't cry anymore. She just sat there nodded her head as her mum rose and moved behind her, putting an arm around her and dropping a kiss on top of her head.

"When you get done, head on up stairs and go get some sleep." she whispered. "I'll call your boss and let him know that you'll need a few days more."

Regina remembered eating. The food had flavor and she was full as she moved up the stairs she went to her room. Climbing into the bed she kicked off her shoes and went to sleep. She remembered her mum popping in her room and asking about dinner, she said she'd be down.

She remembered walking into the church. The largest one that the city had. The four families had decided that it would be best if they could hold one service and the wakes for each of the girls would be staggered out over the day so that they could remember each of them.

She'd paid her respects to each of hr friends families, but it felt empty. Regina knew what Giles had told her, she was half tempted to warn the families. The four mothers wept and nodded, thanking her. She was thanked four times over by four families. All she wanted to do was shout at the top of her lungs that she had done nothing but run like a coward. She knew a few of her schoolmates had whispered about her and some had looked at her like it was her fault. Her mum and dad there with her at the grave side services.

Then she spotted Rupert Giles in the crowd. She had waited until the service had concluded until she excused herself.

"Hey." she spoke as he was walking away from her. "Giles," she spoke until he turned to look at her. "Thank you, and Rose for what you did." she spoke fidgeting with her fingers. "Now they all think I'm some sort of hero." she shook her head. "Its wrong."

"I'm sorry." he spoke looking at his shoes. "Has your sister turned up?" he asked. "Rose told me about her."

"No," she paused. "Mum and dad haven't even mentioned her in the last few days." she spoke looking confused. "That's not unusual. She takes off and has not thought for anyone but herself." she rolled her eyes.

"I hope for your sake she doesn't come back." Giles spoke with a small smile. "Your parents, they seem like lovely people."

"Reggie," her father spoke coming to her side. "Who is this?"

"Rupert Giles," Giles extended his hand. "I happened upon your daughter the night that the animal attacked."

"Robert Crane." he shook Giles' hand. "You're the one that called the police." he spoke.

"Yes sir." he let his hand drop. "Regina," he nodded. "I'll be heading off." he left.

"Mister Giles," Regina spoke. "Thank you."

It was hours after the last graveside service that she spotted the man and the Slayer making their way into the graveyard. She looked around and the joined them. Giles looked a bit surprised to see her.

"I should have know." he muttered. "Come on then." he motioned for her to join them. "You've seen this now, no turning back. I'll take you to a few friends of mine in America, they can help me train you." he spoke.

"Train me for what?" Regina looked at Rose.

"He'll have you train as another Watcher, like that Andrew bloke." she smirked. "Its what he does best."


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