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You've reached the GhostFacers, what's your ghost emergency?
Reggie; Default
((OOC: Phoenix suggested that I elaborate on how Reggie found Sam & Dean. And wouldn't you know if the GhostFacers had something to do with it.:D))

Regina had heard from Dawn who'd gone to Comic-Con in San Diego about this group that she ran into there. They called themselves the GhostFacers. They even had a website. Dawn had mentioned that she'd talked to Harry and Maggie. She'd even gotten to the subject of the "paranormal". She chuckled as Dawn made air quotes when she said it. Dawn had done that several times in public as reference to the supernatural things in life.

Regina had checked out the website after Dawn had laughed through most of it. Dawn had written them off as a joke and that they had only one encounter with some guys, the Winchesters, that might be worth checking out. Dawn also mentioned that Maggie might be the in on what really happened.

"Okay she's a really sweet girl." Dawn recounted. "She was honest about what happened."

"With the case they lost Corbitt on?" Regina asked for clarification.

"Yeah." she trucked her hair behind her ear. "Maggie said that Ed and Harry are a slight bit unsympathetic to these guys."

"How?" Regina asked.

"They refer to these guys as douche-bags or my favorite douche nozzles." she erupted with a bubble of laughter. "Sorry, even makes me laugh." she cleared her throat. "Its just that Maggie didn't put a spin on the whole thing." she held up a DVD mailer. "Sent me this."

"And that would be?" Regina asked brow arched.

"The case where the team lost Corbitt." she spoke all humor was gone from her face. "Reggie, I've seen some nasty stuff but this was a bit too much for me."

"Wow." she took the offered DVD. "Does Maggie need this back?"

Dawn nodded. "She asked for it back. I don't think that Ed or Harry know she has it."

"Okay." Regina nodded. "Thanks Dawn."

"Weclome." she spoke leaving the room.

Regina plugged the DVD in and waited for the program to boot up on her computer. It was only a few seconds before she was engrossed and unable to turn away. When all was said and done Regina automatically pulled the DVD out and placed it back in the mailer. She'd make sure that she gave this back to Dawn she rose from her chair when a note fell from the mailer. A phone number in neat script with her name "Maggie" Call me for any questions. Reggie stooped and retrieved the number, chewing on her lower lip.

Sitting down she looked at her phone and began to dial the number. She was shocked when the phone was answered by what had to be Harry.

"You've reached the GhostFacers, what's your ghost emergency?" Harry asked.

"Um, I don't have an emergency." she smirked.

"Then what kind of ghost do you want taken care of?" he asked.

"I'm calling to talk to Maggie, she met a friend of mine at Comic-Con?" Regina spoke honestly.

"Oh." Harry spoke. "Um she's not here right now."

"I've got a call?" the female voice asked in the background. "Who is it?"

"No one." Harry said quickly. "Ow!"

"Hi, sorry about that." Maggie spoke. "This is Maggie."

"Hello," Regina spoke. "you spoke with a friend of mine at Comic-con, Dawn."

"Oh the tall girl with the long hair." Maggie spoke. "You're a friend of hers?"

"She'll vouch for me." Reina smiled. "Um, I hope you don't think I'm too forward. I've been dealing with the paranormal for a few years now. I heard from Dawn that you lost a team member, Corbitt. I'm sorry." she spoke genuinely.

"Thank you." Maggie spoke her voice quavered. "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"Regina Crane." Regina spoke. "I'm starting a foundation that helps people deal with the paranormal and the supernatrual. Dawn told me about two guys who helped you that night."

"The Winchesters." Maggie spoke.

"The Douche-bags!" Harry spoke in the background. "Ow! Maggie you didn't have to hit me!"

"Yes." Regina pressed on. "I was wondering what your impressions of them were?"


"They saved our asses that night.I just wished that they could have helped Corbitt." Maggie spoke as some shifting sounded in the background. "My brother and Harry as much as they try are way out of their element." she laughed. "They'll kill me if they find out that I've said otherwise." she sighed. "Why are you looking for them, if you don't mind me being forward?"

"I'm looking for hunters and I've heard about them in passing from some other hunters." Regina spoke. "The Foundation needs hunters in addition to other kinds of people. "I could use a great tech specialist if you're interested. Full pay and benifits."

Maggie snorted. "You're joking."

Regina waited for a moment.

"Right?" Maggie asked. "You're asking me?"

"I'm asking you." Regina spoke.

"That's cool." Maggie responded. "I just don't know how Ed, Harry, and Spruce would take it. I mean we're kind of a team."

"I'll leave the offer there in case you change your mind." Regina didn't press. "I hate to ask this, but you don't know how to get in touch with Sam or Dean do you?"

"No." the phone shook. "Wait! I think I overheard one of them talking to someone." she spoke. "Um, I think it was Dean. He was talking to Bobby, maybe?"

"Okay." Regina spoke quickly scribbling the name down. "Thanks Maggie. I really appreciate it. And let me know if you change your mind. on the offer."

Maggie hung up and Regina began tracking down Hunter websites and asking after "Bobby". She got a hit after someone asked if Bobby Singer was who she was looking for. She said yes and was given an address. She had just assumed that if Bobby knew both Sam and Dean that she could send their letters there as well. She just hoped that he wouldn't toss them into the bin straight away. All she could do was send them and hope for the best.

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Oh my god, if we got ghostfacers hanging around the place it be epic. LOL

Hooray. I know I thought about that after I did this.

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Thanks, this is part of the phoenixfndrpg is an on going RPG with Buffy, Supernatural and True Blood.

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