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How the hell could this happen Andrew!
Regina: Angry
((OOc: This is 3rd person, just remembering how the Foundation started. Under the cut!))

She'd been in the Scoobie's headquarters for maybe three months when she'd been talking to Willow. Willow, Xander and Dawn had been kind enough to fill her in on the past history of the Scoobies. It was only after she'd missed a few things that had the Scoobies looking worried that she'd asked.

After hearing it she looked at Willow. "No wonder you all are so close." she smiled. "It must be nice that you all have Spike and Angel to call on if you need some help."

"Well it has its moments." Xander quipped. "And I could do with out both of them most days."

"Xander," Willow shot him a look. "He's just a little bitter about the Buffy dating Angel and then the Buffy dating Spike thing."

"Am not." he muttered.

"Shut up you totally are still." Dawn threw a Gummy Bear at him. "I miss Spike." she frowned a bit.

"Do you know if anyone else has a support like that? People that the non-Scoobies could call on for back up?" Reggie asked thinking aloud.

"Don't know." Willow shrugged. "I imagine that it might be nice in case anything like the Hellmouth collapsing or something epic like that comes along."

"Giles mentioned that being a Watcher you all get paid. What about Buffy and Faith?" she asked.

"Are you kidding?" Dawn asked snorting. "She's been bitching for ages that if someone could pay her for Slaying she'd sign the dotted line. Slaying is a thankless job with no pay, no benifits and no retirement plan."

"Well most Slayers don't live long enough to retire." Xander spoke turning his coffee mug.

"Uh oh." Willow spoke with a smirk. "I see Reggie's hamsters are moving."

"What?" Xander looked at Willow.

"Hmn, she's had some good ideas when she's had that look on her face." Willow leaned her head on her hand.

"Oh!" Dawn smirked. "I've seen that look during Research."

"What if we started a public face of the Watchers?" Reggie posed the question.

"Public?" Xander grinned. "We work better if people don't know we're here."

"Well what about the people who need our help with the wiggy, as you all put it." she asked leaning in. "There can't be local Scoobies everywhere can here? What if we set up a place to help, kind of like Angel did?"

"Ooooh," Willow smiled. "Public, non-for-profit foundation." she nodded, "Dawnie, hand me that notepad." she made the grabby hands. She took Reggie's pen from her crossword. "Borrowing. Continue with the ideas." she made a gesture to keep it coming and began scribbling.

"We could help people, for a small fee." Reggie thought for a moment. "Maybe ask that Finn bloke if he'd like to help?" she paused and then noted Xander's brown eye rolled. "Or not." she grimaced. "Lets see," she paused. "Why not include the Slayers? Ask some of the lesser demons like Lorne, Clem, Whistler to help out."

"Clem would love it." Dawn smirked. "He loves helping Buffy."

"Watchers could help run the place." Xander offered. "Well we need to do something with Reggie and the others that are training to be Watchers. She's British and tweedy they love running stuff." he tried to be enthusiastic.

"Screw you Harris!" Regina threw an M&M at him. "I'm not tweedy! Giles and Andrew are, but I'm cooler than that!" she laughed.

"Sorry!" Xander spoke around the M&M in his mouth. "British equals bossy."

"Ignore the Zeppo." Willow grinned. "Go on."

"Um why not pay the people who work for the foundation? Let them pick the cases they want to work on."

Regina, Dawn, Willow and Xander brain stormed until Giles came in and interrupted them with a meeting, seems as trouble brewed.

As the weeks went on Willow and Regina continued on with their brainstorming. Dawn had hit on the virtual library idea while having a physical one too. Xander had stated that they'd need a location and it would need some space to it. Willow called Angel about some places in Los Angles that might fit. Vi and Rona stated that they'd need a Gym and a work out space if they were going to sign up. Jim had stated that they would need some offices too. Spike had added that they would need some light tight rooms if he and "Peaches"[Angel] were to visit. Xander added the things that were necessary to run a business, capital, payroll, benefits, retirement plans, paper work, forms necessary, licenses and the like. Willow added the "case" idea since she'd seen Angel Investigations.

It seemed like the entire Scooby house had contributed some idea to the fictional Foundation. The Potential Slayers were helpful in adding details that they thought might be a benefit to them. Spike had suggested that the demons and vampires that would work might need a underground entrance. Andrew had come up with the name.

"Phoenix." he spoke. "The mythical bird that rises from the ashes of the old?"

"And here I thought it would be some sort of Star Wars name." Rona grinned.

"This is epic, it needs a cool mysterious name to go with it." he noted that Regina wrote the name down.

"Also makes a kick ass logo." Vi grinned. "Oh, I could so do some sketches!" she darted off in search of her art supplies.

It was just and idea until Willow set the laptop down in front of her that morning. Regina looked at the strings of HTML. Her eyes landed on the red head across the island.

"Is this a website?" she slid her glasses down on her nose. "For the Foundation?"

"Yep." Willow spoke.

"What did Giles say?" her blue eyes barely contained excitement.

"Giles hasn't said anything yet." Willow spoke dropping her tea bag into the mug. "I kinda haven't told him."

"Why not?" Regina asked looking over glasses. "He knows that the whole house is up to something dodgey. He asked me if it was some sort of party or event last night."

"I thought that we could tell him together." Willow smiled. "Present him the idea see if he agrees. If he can present it to the Council maybe we can take the web site live." she pointed to the FTP program uploading the web pages to a server.

"He's going to flip." Regina spoke. "I don't know if he's going to like it."

"Trust me Giles will at least consider it." Willow took a seat next to her. "Look it over, let me know what you think."

"Are you sure?" Regina asked. "It was just an idea."

"And it got us all interested. This is massive Reg, something that we'd all like to join. Look we've been doing this so long for free that the idea of someone paying us to do this is nifty. Besides it would be nice to have a simpler life not have to hide from authorities." she nudged Regina with her shoulder. "I don't know why we didn't think of it before now."

"British Ingenuity." Regina smirked chucking into her tea. "I don't know though. It might be too good of an idea."

"It is a great idea and its practical." Willow spoke. "I've been checking into some of the "Hunting" sites online. They're a small tight knit group they could use some help sometimes. They're at a disadvantage being human, the Slayers and our ass kicking library would be a great resource. They've got to have come across something we haven't and like wise." Willow began to rise. "No more waffling. We will talk to Giles." she spoke, her resolve face taking over.

"I know resolve face when I see it." Regina sighed. "I'll look it over, I'll bring this right back."

Regina had taken a few moments to look at the webpages and decided to finish off her scone when the sound of pounding feet down the backstairs and some shouting caused her to look up. One of the Younger Slayers was scrambling down the stairs lauging like mad as Andrew grabbed for something in her upheld hand.

"Give it back Mercy!" Andrew managed to slap it from her hand.

"Uh oh!" Mercy shouted.

The Star Wars Action figured somersaulted through the air headed for the keyboard of Willow's laptop. Regina watched with fixed horror as a small plastic three inch figure of Han Solo appeared to be heading for the Enter button.

"Can't possibly hit it." She muttered as it indeed hit the enter key.

She looked on with horrified amazement to the screen to see the dialogue box flashing Take Website Live? as the outlined the YES button was clicked.

"No! No! No!" Regina eyed the screen. "Cancel!" she tried to find the button. "Oh bugger." she jammed her hands in her dark hair. "How the hell could this happen Andrew!"

"What?" he asked looking at the laptop. "Is that what I think it is?"

"Yes!" Regina turned with a murderous look on her features. "And it went live!"

"Its not my fault!" Andrew protested.

"Clearly its not your fault!" Regina held up the little plastic man with the likeness of Harrison Ford.

"Mercy took it out of my room." he whined.

"I didn't smack it out of your hands!" Mercy's blue eyes wide.

"I'm going to kill you Wells! You hear me, I'm going to do a spot of ultraviolence on you!" Regina took a swipe at Andrew and missed as Mercy yanked him out of reach.

"What's going on?" Giles shouted over them.

"Nothing!" Andrew took off.

"You little bugger!" Regina began to go after him.

"Reggie?" Willow came into the kicthen. "What did you do?" she looked at her laptop.

"Not me." she growled. "Andrew."

"He sent the site live?" she looked at the transfer log. "Um, Giles we need to talk now."

After Regina and Willow told him what the gang had been up to and what had just happened. He took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Do you have any idea what you've done?" Giles asked giving a sidelong glance at both young women. "This is a brilliant idea, its gone live and the Council is not going to be pleased."

"It was an accident." Regina spoke. "If I could talk to them and explain what happened they might."

"They're going to tell you that you have to shut it down. That will be the least of your worries, they may not even consider the idea at all." he sighed slipping his glasses back on. "Not that they would have anyway." he smiled. "I'll call Riley and see if the Pentagon will provide some funding seeing as they've been looking for a way to thanks us for the Initiative cover up." he took a sip of his tea looking at Regina.

"Regina as soon as you finish your graduation duties you will be on a plane for Los Angeles." he handed her an envelope. "Angel told me what you all were up to and he helped to get us a few floors from a grateful ex-client, a David Nabbit. David has set up a fund that has been growing a rather large amount of capital." Giles smiled. "It would make the financial executive at the Council green with envy."

"How?" Regina asked.

"You'd have to ask Angel. He explained that Mister Nabbit took a rather large donation that he would normally gift to one of his charities and then devided it rather smartly. Apparently Mister Nabbit haas been investing the capital into other lucrative ventures. Angel says that Mister Nabbit has been rather giddily enjoying making this amount of money and asks for a ten percent cut and the title of" Giles grinned as he cleared his throat. "Financal Grand Wizard of the Phoenix."

Regina looked down at the latest print out that Angel had sent. "That's-That's seven zeros!" she pointed.

"Um, that's eight zeros Reggie." Willow's jaw dropped slightly."Use it wisely young Watcher."

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Dude! Reggie should have totally found out about Dean and Sam from the Ghost Facers! I love reading this! You should write another where she invites all the SPN crew since they are the ones not in on the whole Watchers and Slayers deal. :)

Like that did ya?

DUDE! You are a genius! I've been thinking about how I was going to work in the SPN. I might need some help with the Ghost Facers crew as I'm not up on them as much as I like them. XD

The last time they all saw Ed and Harry was at the a haunted house were they did the 'Ghostfacers' episode. Dean and Sam dropped in while they were filming the pilot of their new TV show. After they were done filming, the boys sabotaged their lab and destroyed all the documentation they made.

And because I am a total fucking geek...

Yeah. They talk about them in this video here:

"Winchesters still such ass though. Suckage, major." LOL

Hmn. Thanks for that and I shall make use of this tools.


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