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Reporting in?
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Bueller? Bueller?

Well its gone rather silent here on the digital side of the foundation. Wonder why is that?

Don't sweat it, as soon as you can please report in. I'm getting worried about everyone. Are we all still breathing? Okay, those of us that were breathing to start with?

Also on another note I did manage to kick everyone out of the Foundation's rooms. Well at least until I snapped some shots on our digital and those will be up on our site sometime, hopefully tomorrow.

And with that my attention needs to be back on my meeting. I'm in with Buffy, Angel and now Spike. If you guess the secret word you win a prize!

Newest Member of the Foundation
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Regina had gotten a call the night before from a certain Slayer. It seemed the other Summers sister was interested in joining up. She called and said she'd be in sometime that week. So far the blonde had yet to show.

However in Buffy's defense she was busy with fighting evil and it was just a matter of time before she arrived. Regina just hoped that with Buffy there was a chance at some of the other Fang Gang and Scoobies to show.

She had no idea how to deal with Buffy. It seemed more like Giles should be here, but she couldn't rely on Giles to be here. This was her assignment and she had to deal. Still a familiar face was one that she was willing to see. She knid of knew how well Buffy took things.

She'd been plodding along with business as usual when the intercom on the phone beeped. She hit the button and then spoke. "Yes?"

"You have a guest." Jim's Welsh accent sounded. "Buffy's here."

"Oh?" Regina's brow lifted. "I'll be right out." she closed a few things up and made her way out of her office to find the petite Slayer waiting.

"Buffy?" Regina asked. "I'm glad that you could make it." She extended her hand to Buffy.

Things are kinda quite
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So things are kinda quite. Buffy did call she's on her way. We'll see how long it takes her to get here.

Got a few leads on some things we might want to acquire, if we can get our hands on it.

A few things to look out for:

The Colt

Spirit Sword(s)

So far that's the list.

Like I said its been quite. Too quite, we all know if its quite its not a good sign.

Oh Me, Oh My
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Zachariah showed up, and warned me that I was not to get between him and Dean and or Sam. He also mentioned that I'd better be glad they have the apocalypse on their hands or they'd come and smite the Foundation. And here I thought that angels would be above the whole smite you if you're trying to do good. Also he mentioned that the hex bags are good for one of them, if there's more we might have something to worry about.

Well after the visit from an asshole with wings I was in a right mood to hit something. Luckily everything I did hit was at the boxing center. Man it did feel good.

I called Dean just to let him know. And I'm not going to cut ties with you two just cause a celestial bully get's a hair up his ass. He was just pissed that you and Charles found away around him.

What's Your Element?
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Just remember Dawn you started the Games.... :D

Your Element Is Water
A bit of a contradiction, you can seem both lighthearted and serious.
That's because you're good at going with the flow - but you also are deep.

Highly intuitive, you tune in to people's emotions and moods easily.
You are able to tap into deep emotional connections and connect with others.

You prefer a smooth, harmonious life - but you can navigate your way around waves.
You have a knack for getting people to get along and making life a little more peaceful.
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Its been busy to say the least.
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As you can all tell by my lack of updating here, I've been rather busy of late. Since Dawn's gone on a case and Lorne's handling things until Whistler makes an appearance.

So Lorne and I have been talking, he's torn between helping us and opening his new bar, Otium. Which you all will be more than welcome to attend its Grand Opening. He's put it off so that as soon as the cases are at a end we can all have little down time. Drinks and karaoke...oh this is not looking good for us.

He's been hinting around for me to sing for him. The hell with Lorne telling me something I already know about. I might have, if I hadn't heard from my sister. Her little letter has got me a bit disconcerted. I'm sure its just the bint's way of watching me twist in the wind. I'm sure you can tell were close. I should really stop talking about my evil twin, and yes that's in a literal sense.

So I'm going to head home, Lorne and Mike are here to take over.

Dawn call me when you all stop for the night.

Dean, I'm assuming you boys are busy, and I appreciate the update.

If anyone else should need me, you'll know where to find me, cell otherwise I'm in the office at nine tomorrow morning.

Dawn insists that this is so me
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I'm not sure I agree with her.

One Foot Wrong
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((Going fic based on this entry, you'll understand it when you see why.))

Regina had gotten back to her office as soon as the details of the Leprechaun case had been settled. Just as Jim had said there was an large manilla envelope on her desk. She eyed the nondescript manilla envelope. The address to the foundation was a computer printed address label. She eyed the envelope for a few minuets before she pulled the silver letter opener and opened the envelope.

It was a photograph, she could tell by the heavy weight of the photo paper, not to mention the slick surface her fingers were touching. There were two post-it notes on the back. Eyeing one of the sticky notes she knew the handwriting well enough, Victoria. She'd even left a lipstick print on the damned thing. And was that a blood in the shape of a heart?

Be a fly on the wall. . .Collapse )

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You have reached the OOC, please leave a message after the tone.

One Crisis down about a million to go...
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Ugh. I can breath again, that's good. One thing at a time, you would think I'd get that by now.

So Sam, Dean and Xander are on their way, where I'm not sure. And let's keep it that way boys, specifics will only lead the celestial to asking someone here. By the way Dean thanks for the Angel proofing notes. Jim was a little more than perplexed by the notes. Those have all ready been put to good use. And until the whole angel thing is, what would be the right word? Fix, cleared up?, hex bags are a must for all foundation members.

I'm on my way to meet Dawn, Faith, Jo and Bobby in the conference room. Lorne is in my office making a phone call to Dean. Its about an arrangement, and frankly that's between the two of them. I know some of it and that's more than I need to know. Drunken leprechauns on deck. Oh and thank Sam for the notes on that.

Uh, huh, D's on the phone again, and it sounds like the Cleveland crew by what I can hear.

Got to go.


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