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That fateful night. . .
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((OOC: Since Reggie's not in the middle of anything I thought I'd shed some light on what got her into this line of work.))

Regina hadn't been home in quite a while, the last she could remember was with her mum and dad on Boxing Day six years ago. Those were the days that she was still speaking to Victoria, her twin sister.

It seemed ages ago when she'd last seen her family. She'd been so busy working for the university and the museum that she'd done anything remotely normal. She'd come home to find Victoria living with her parents still. Her sister had taken to being a night owl over the last few months, her mum explained.

She'd met up with a few friends that were still there. Jemmia, Lisette, Cassandra and Gwen. Jemmia was the largest of them in full figured healthy form with dark hair and a artsy-independent look about her. Lisette was the tiny red head with freckles and still had a twinge of her Scottish accent. Gwen was a average looking blonde, Welsh girl originally from Cardiff. Still after all her years in the town still had that damned Welsh accent. Cassandra was a small mousey blonde girl with glasses and had been Reggie's Best mate since they were in primary school.

They'd all agreeed to go out for a "girls night" hangovers be damned. She'd had a good time and was walking albeit weaving semi-drunkenly back down the darkened street. They were laughing and cavorting down the street. Gwen, Jemmia, Cassandra, Gwen and Lisette had been walking together. Regina had been walking a few paces behind her mates, when she had one of those uneasy feelings.

It was one of those feelings, like being followed and being watched. Made the hair stand up on the back of her neck. She shivered a bit trying to shake the feeling.

Jemmia looked back at her. "Oi Crane," she spoke loudly around her lollipop. "What's got you?"

"What is it now?" Lissette asked. "You've gone all quite and concerned. We'll have none of that love." she wobbled a few steps back and threw her arm around Regina's shoulders.

"Its nothing." Regina spoke casting a look over her shoulder. "Just this creepy feeling."

"You haven't got some internet stalker have you?" Cassandra asked her pinched voice asked as she made her way back to Reggie's side.

"Jesus Christ!" Jemmia threw her hands up. "Cassie you think everyone's got a cyberstlaker."

"What?!" Cassandra asked. "I had one, he followed me around for a while."

"Freddy Kingston is not a cyberstalker." Lissette grinned. "He's fancied you for years and you won't give him the time of day."

"That's not true!" Cassandra spoke stamping her foot. "Lissy!"

"Great." Gwen smirked. "I knew we were missing something from the old days."

"What?" Lissette and Cassandra asked simultaneously.

"Look," Jemmia said "I'm all for this good ol' times rot." she rolled her green eyes. "However, we're out on the street and its," she paused looking at her watch. "Christ on a cracker its quarter till 5!" she shreiked.

"Jem's right." Regina smirked. "Let's get going." she threw an arm around Lissette's shoulder and the other around Cassandra's shoulders.

They'd gone a few blocks when the sound of a loud bang came from a nearby alley way. They all jumped when Jemmia rolled her eyes and stomped down the alley.

"Bugger!" she screamed and it was mangled mid scream as she stumbled down the alley backwards towards them. Holding both hands around her throat and red blood running down from her neck staining her shirt.

"Fuck!" Lissette screamed. "Jemmia!"

"We've got to get her to hospital!" Gwen shouted taking off her scarf and tying it around Jem's neck.

Regina fumbled for her keys to her dad's Mini and handed them to Gwen and Lisette. "Go!" she shouted shoving a stunned Cassandra with them. "Cassie!" she snapped her fingers in her friends face. "Help them."

Cassandra nodded. The group froze as an eerie sound came closer to the end of the alley. Jemmia's eyes grew wide as she took a tight grip on Lissette's hand.

Regina turned to look at the alley and the sound of growling found her. She'd heard a lioness growl at the zoo once, it sounded similar to that. Looking around for anything that could be used as a weapon she grabbed a bit of metal pipe.

There was a scuffling sound as from an alley across the street four men ran out. Reggie though them like her group, out late and heading home. She hoped they'd notice that they were in trouble. She looked at their faces, there was something not right about them. The look of horror on her face made one of them laugh as he ceased Jemmia and ripped the scarf off and began to feast on her neck. One by one the men grabbed Lissette, then Gwen and Cassandra.

"Right!" she held the metal pipe like a squash bat. "Let them go, now!" she narrowed her eyes.

"Or what sweetheart, you smack us with your stick?" one laughed with his disfigured face.

"To right I will." she swallowed the bitter fear rising up in her throat. "Back off now!" she took a swing.

It connected, all her years practicing kendo had payed off with the landed blow. What it connected with was a open palm. She knew this was not good.

"Oh," one of the voices spoke up. "That's Reggie Crane. Went to school with her." she looked at the voice to find that Freddy Kingston had finally got what he'd wanted Cassandra. Her blood was dripping down his chin. "She was our kendo champ."

"Was she now?" a rough Manchester accent sounded behind her. "Well then I'll take the kedno champ."

"Like hell you will!" she wrenched the pipe from the other things' grasp and rounded on the Manchester bloke with the buggered up face.

She hit him in the solar plexus, aside his arms and once on his head and he didn't even blink. She knew she was rightly fucked now. These things may look like blokes, but they were far from human. She looked to find the group of men dropping her dead friends one by one to the ground. And closing in on her licking their teeth and lips clean of her mates blood.

Sensei used to say "When fighting doesn't work, run like hell."

She ran. She ran as far as her feet would take her. Looking to hide, hopefully they wouldn't find her. She hid behind a mason wall that had empty bottles worked into it. She crouched down, clamping both hands over her mouth to slow her breathing she felt a tear slide down her face. Her best mates, gone. How could she have just left them there?

"Reggie?" Freddy's voice sounded out on the street. "I know you came this way, we all know you came this way."

"Why don't you make it easy on yourself." the Manchester sounded voice echoing off the walls. "Its late, we're tired and we'll take it easy on you love."

Regina knew that they had killed her friends. She knew that they might find her, if they bothered to look for her. She also knew that if they found her that she would end up just like her dead friends. It was just a matter of time before they found her. She just prayed, with all her being that they wouldn't find her that she was well hidden.

What the hell were they? They weren't human. They couldn't be, not with buggered faces like that! The ridges on their foreheads looked like something from Star Trek or Doctor Who. And their eyes were yellow! That was not supposed to happen. Nothing natural had eyes that color unless it was a cat or reptile.

She heard a set of quite footsteps drifting closer. Her heart leapt into her throat. Reggie held her breath, she willed herself not to breath. One breath they'd hear and they'd pounce on her like a wild dog on raw meat.

"Come on sweetheart." Manchester spoke again. "We have other ways of finding you. Don't make us use them."

Regina felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder and quickly another one covered her mouth. A girl that was about her age, bright red hair and brown eyes met hers.

"I'm Rose." she spoke in a hushed whisper in Regina's ear. "I'm here to help. I'm going to go kick their arses." she spoke pulling a stake out of her waistband. "I should have killed them earlier but they gave me the slip." Rose spoke but froze.

"Toria!" Manchester spoke with laughter. "Wait just a second." he paused for a moment. "You look a lot like my new friend."

"New friend?" Victoria asked. "Oh, that kind of friend. Look like?"

"Your sister you twat." Freddy spoke.

"My sister?" Victoria sounded down right pleased. "You mean my goody-two-shoes right and proper sister who can do no wrong?"

"That would be the only one I know about." Freddy spoke with sarcasm.

"Get her! Kill her for me!" Victoria's voice practically squealed in delight. "I promised you all a good time tonight didn't I?" she sounded like she was begging their father for a bit of sweets, not murder.

She'd said some aweful things to Victoria in thier fights. But all of it was said in anger. She hadn't hated her twin with such malice that she'd wished any ill will on her. Did Vici hate her that much? How could she hate someone that much?

"You did Toria." Manchester spoke matter of factually.

"And you promised me you'd make me like you." Victoria whined.

Rose had crept out from their hiding place. Regina had almost clung to Rose out of fear. That wouldn't help Rose do what she needed to do. Regina had peeked around the corner of her little wall to see Rose had rather stealthily snuck up behind Freddy. The small red head was in motion with the stake aimed at the middle of his back. She had stabbed Freddy with the stake. Regina also watched him explode into ash.

She blinked a few times to make sure that she'd seen it right. One moment buggered Freddy had been standing there. The next he'd been staked and was just a cloud of dust. She watched as the petite girl made quick work of the other three.

"You won't catch me Slayer!" Manchester shouted as he took off with someone.

"You can come out now." Rose spoke. "They've gone."

Reggie had crept out and looked around nervously. "Thank you."

"Thanks. I don't hear that often." she fidgeted. "You're aware that sister sold you and your mates out in hopes of becoming a soulless git." Rose spoke. "I'm sorry about your friends." she looked down the street.

"They didn't get far. Its too close to sunrise."

"What just happened?" Regina asked. "I mean I saw you stab Freddy with that stake. He should have bled not exploded into dust, right?"

"Oh bloody hell." Rose muttered. "Look, what's your name?"

"Regina." she spoke.

"Regina, there are big ugly scary things that like to eat us that lurk after sunset. Exibit A, B and C." she gestured to the piles of dust. "Vampires." she spoke. "I'm a Slayer. I slay the vampires and anything else that comes 'round to screw up my social life."

"Rose!" a clipped British shout sounded along with the pounding of feet on the road.

"Over here Giles!" she shouted back. "Sorry. He's my Wacther, he's a good guy for being me dad's age. Can't hold it against the geezer now can I?" Rose's expression was of amusement.

Regina set her eyes on a man that could very well have been her father. He was his age at least. He was dressed in a green sweater and a chocolate brown leather jacket that was worn. Blue denim trousers and comfortable dress shoes. He pulled out his glasses from his pocket and approached.

"Is she the only one alive?" he asked with a passing look at Regina.

"If you hadn't lectured me to death I might have saved her friends." Rose spoke. "Rupert Giles, this is Regina-" she trailed off. "Sorry, you didn't give me your family name?"

"Crane, Regina Crane." she hugged herself, not because she was cold.

"What did you tell her?" Giles asked.

"The truth." Rose spoke. "She asked!"

"She asked?" Giles looked at her with a new light in his eyes. "Regina, how about you come back with Rose and I, we'll get you home." he spoke putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I'll go find her keys." Rose spoke heading back the way she had run from earlier.

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((OOC: There's more to this story coming.))


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