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Just checking in myself.
Reggie; Default
I know things have been kind of ho-hum. Which might be good in other businesses, but I'm thinking that its not so much for us. We all know if it gets slow or quiet that something's afoot. Nothing at the office.

I'm calling Chuck to see if he's alright. I may call or email a few of you to see what's going on with the cases and everyone.

Feel free to leave me a message, I'll do my bets to get to it.

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You get through to Chuck yet? Was wondering if he would be any help with either keeping the angels off our backs or finding Cas. it in the Foundation's budget to get me my own computer so I can quite mooching off my brother? Also he needs a better suit for the undercover stuff. The angels weren't as kind as to give him a wardrobe of 3,000 dollar suits as a "Hey, you're our bitch now." present.

Xander, Sam, and I are taking off for Riker's Farm. We'll be picking up your incoming parties once we get a UV protected rental. I'm not letting vampires who can spontaneously combust ride around in my car. It'll be a bitch to vacuum the ashes out of the wheel wells.

Nope went to voicemail.

I think we can arrange all of that. I'll make sure that you guys have a Foundation Credit Card for all that stuff.

I figured that you guys would head out there after the police report. I got Xander's email and I'm looking for the symbols.



We get a company credit card?


Can we get flamethrowers too?

Yep. You're going to need it for supplies aren't you?

If you need one, let me know I'll get one to you. If we need hevay arterliery I'll have to call Riley Finn and let him know.

Hey you should ask Buffy how she liked a flamethrower she got to use once. Its an epic story.

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