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Sticky Post: New Members Meetings
Regina: Smile
Regina Crane was reviewing the latest case to grace the inbox on her desk. She was in her office when the speaker on her phone beeped. When it wasn't Jim's voice coming over the line that meant that they had a new potential member coming up. She was always nervous and excited about the idea of adding to the Foundation's growing roster.

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Um whut?
Reggie: Shocked/Suprised
Yeah, so after reading Chuck's latest peice, I'm not quite sure why but I'll just go with the whacky.

In case you might have missed it. Gabe took Sam, Dean, Buffy and Dawn and put them in the Labyrinth. You know the eighties movie with David Bowie. Yes that one. I'm downing the rest of my Scotch.

How do we even get them out? Where do we start? How is anyone going to take us seriously?

Why is there a van parked outside on the street with "Ghostfacers" on it?

10 Minuets in Heaven...
Reggie: Concerned/Thoughtful
If you could have 10 minutes alone with anyone in the world where you could do or say whatever you wanted without consequences, who would you choose and what would you do?

I would have to say my once-twin Victoria. I want to know where it was that we went wrong as sisters. I see what Buffy and Dawn, Sam and Dean and I'm envious. Victoria and I used to be like that, as twee things we were inseparable and so close. I have and wonder what I could have done to Toria to drive her away. Maybe I could have done something to bring her closer. Why did she make the choices that she did that lead her to become the vampire that's bent on revenge on me for killing her lover?

I'd also explain that I tried to be a good sister, that I tried to be a good twin. I'd try and tell her that I love her, she's family. That won't ever change and that she can't change the fact that we are sisters. She can't wipe out the happy memories of us when we were small. The only thing that separates us now is breathing and what she's done to my girlfriends. It still hurts, I guess that its supposed to.

I'd tell Toria that I hate her on some level. She's family and you never suspect that kind of behavior from your own blood. You never want to think that your real-life mirror image could do something like that or even think that. I'd like to know did she even think twice about it or does she hate me just as much? Was their any part of her that regretted what she did to become what she is today. I might even kick her ass just to see if it would help.

How do you loose your humanity? Was it easy or did she do it in small ways? What does sister mean to her? DId it mean anything? How about Twin Vic? Does it mean anything now?

The Missing Siblings
Regina: Worried
Well after a rather uninformative call from Faith. Not lack of details on her part, lack of details at all. So I have a Slayer and her baby sister missing, A righteous man and his little brother missing. What is a case manager to do? I know Bobby and Castiel are trying to triangulate a signal from their cell phones. Good luck with that!

Faith also informs me we have a Trickster on our hands. She wasn't naming names but she did say that Sam and Dean had run into the guy before.

I still have cases going on. And Faith did ask for something to do until "B, Dawnie, Jackass[Dean] and Sam show up". I hate to send her off, but she did ask for something to do. Faith will probably be the best suited for this one. not implying that anyone is "less of [insert your choice here]" I'll post it on the server with open access to all of our members. Its a Devil of a case and I do mean that literally.

Case 3 is a wrap.
Reggie; Default
Got an email from Dean that they are all safe and found Casteil. Glad to know that the only casualty was the driver's side door on the rental. *sigh* Now I've got to drop an email to Dawn and let her know that they are all on their way to Golden.

Lorne has news that his club is about ready to open. He's calling it "Otium" (latin: peace). He said "Pax" was too obvious and it sounded like a restaurant or some sort of food. He said something about it also being a tele channel at some point. He showed me some conceptual renderings and its very blue. But he's going to have a DJ as well as Karaoke. He's holding off opening night for a big party for us. Got to love the green guy.

Still looking for a great place to eat around here that's kind of basic. Not found anything yet. We were looking for a cook for the lounge/bar area on the 7th floor. I'd post the position, but I'm not sure who'd be able to handle the odd that is us.

That fateful night. . . (part 2)
Reggie; Default
((OOC: As promised, it continues.))
The nightmare continues...Collapse )

That fateful night. . .
Reggie; Default
((OOC: Since Reggie's not in the middle of anything I thought I'd shed some light on what got her into this line of work.))

The night that changed Regina's life.Collapse )

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You've reached the GhostFacers, what's your ghost emergency?
Reggie; Default
((OOC: Phoenix suggested that I elaborate on how Reggie found Sam & Dean. And wouldn't you know if the GhostFacers had something to do with it.:D))

You've reached the GhostFacers, what's your Ghost Emergency?Collapse )

How the hell could this happen Andrew!
Regina: Angry
((OOc: This is 3rd person, just remembering how the Foundation started. Under the cut!))

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Just checking in myself.
Reggie; Default
I know things have been kind of ho-hum. Which might be good in other businesses, but I'm thinking that its not so much for us. We all know if it gets slow or quiet that something's afoot. Nothing at the office.

I'm calling Chuck to see if he's alright. I may call or email a few of you to see what's going on with the cases and everyone.

Feel free to leave me a message, I'll do my bets to get to it.


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